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Hurley Distribution Company has been in a dedicated contract with The Arizona Republic for over 50 years. During this time period. Hurley has provided superior service at a competitive price. Throughout our relationship, Hurley has proven they are a ‘can do’ carrier that will accept any challenge that is put in front of them. They have extensive expertise in newspaper distribution and trucking operations and have used this knowledge to generate many cost-saving initiatives at the Republic as well as assist with plant and distribution center design.

The newspaper business is constantly changing and Hurley has been able to be flexible and adapt to the needs of our company. Flexibility, cooperativeness and responsiveness are their greatest attributes. There is never any hesitation when business needs require additional drivers on a moment’s notice or their expertise is required to expedite product to market.

Over the years Hurley has been able to improve service levels while reducing our costs. This was accomplished by seeking our input on items we felt were critical to our success and then developing performance measures that incorporated those factors. During this same time period, operational efficiencies such as maximizing loads and reducing trips were implemented. Their dedication and superior service has made them the only Circulation Department vendor to receive 4 awards for outstanding service. They are currently in line to receive a 5th award.

In regard to the specifics of our business. Hurley effectively manages an extremely complex distribution system consisting of around the clock delivery 365 days a year. They average 400 dispatches a week from 2 production facilities and deliver over 700 products to 50 locations within Arizona while maintaining a .02% service error rate.

In addition to mastering a complex distribution cycle, they successfully deal with numerous production schedule and delivery location changes every month; sometimes with only a few hours notice. Their strong commitment to our business has allowed us to provide better service to our customers.

Steve Reed
Circulation Operations Manager 
Gregory R. Heckel
Transportation Manager

22600 North 19th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85027 | Telephone: 623.434.0590 | Fax: 623.434.0589 

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