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Hurley Trucking Company was founded by Fred Hurley in 1952 when he was a District Manager for The Arizona Republic newspaper in Phoenix, Arizona. Fred's vision was to own and operate a trucking company focused on newspaper distribution. Hurley's vision became a reality when he made a proposal to the management of Phoenix Newspapers, Inc., to haul newspapers from Phoenix to Prescott, Arizona.

That's how it all began. Since then, Hurley has grown to the point where it hauls newspapers for The Arizona Republic to every major city in the state of Arizona. This transportation service includes hauling from two major production plants and distributing over 700 different products a week to multiple county and metro distribution centers.

In addition to Hurley Consulting Group, today the Hurley Transportation Companies include the following divisions:

  • Hurley Distribution Company provides logistics services for The Arizona Republic, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Tucson Newspapers, Inc., USA Today, and Financial Times.

  • Hurley Dedicated Services provides transportation services for non-newspaper clients, e.g. Design Mail, Proctor & Gamble.  

  • Hurley Leasing Company provides truck and trailer leasing and maintenance services to the transportation industry.  

  • Hurley Trucking Company provides logistics services to Newspaper Agency Corporation in Salt Lake City, Utah.

  • Hurley Trucking Company - East provides transportation services and consulting to newspaper operations in Ohio, North and South Carolina and New Jersey.


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