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The members of the Hurley consulting team have over 100 years of experience in the newspaper circulation arena. The Hurley team members will work with clients one on one, in teams and also get down in the trenches to identify issues and deliver recommendations.

Bob Campbell, Vice President, has 40 years experience at the executive level in the transportation industry. Significant areas of his expertise include budget development and administration, P & L accountability, long-range and strategic planning, multi-location facility management, sales management and market development. Bob has spent the last 20 years as Vice President of Hurley's newspaper division overseeing significant service improvements while at the same time reducing costs to newspaper clients. Bob has also developed budget models for tracking distribution related costs of multiple product lines and he is a design team member of dock and distribution center facilities. Bob is past president of Arizona Trucking Association.


Bill Ewing, Chairman & CEO, has been involved in the newspaper distribution business for 47 years. He has held every management and executive position ranging from Dock Foreman to Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Owner. Bill's significant areas of expertise include: business development, administration, budget development, P & L accountability, costing systems, finance, Human Resources management, strategic planning, equipment purchasing and maintenance, as well as shop operations. Bill is actively involved in the transportation industry, having served as President of the Arizona Trucking Association and as Vice-President of American Trucking Association.


Dave Holland, General Manager, has worked in the transportation industry for 35 years. He spent 17 years in LTL freight operations and 25 years in newspaper distribution and mailroom operations. Dave has experience in many areas including DOT Regulations, vendor relations, start-up operations for new accounts in both the newspaper and freight industries, equipment and maintenance shop operations, dock and dispatch operations, and Hazardous Material handling and training.


David Sly, President & COO, has 41 years of newspaper transportation experience, as well as, LTL, truckload, and leasing company operations. Nearly all of his 41 years at Hurley Transportation Companies have been spent in operations management positions, 26 years as chief operating officer. He maintains a Class A CDL license to this day and often drives when needed. David has built a strong process to aid in the development of trucking operations and procedures for change necessary to facilitate combining of products and print sites. He has served as the design and construction project manager of eight truck terminals. David is a design team member for 4 newspaper production plant docks/yards/offices, as well as for 19 distribution centers. He brings extensive costing experience, transportation billing systems design, development and implementation of multiple benchmarking/reporting formats, and has deep knowledge of numerous truck transportation techniques and efficiency procedures. David has served as Chairman for the Arizona Trucking Association and Vice President of the American Trucking Association.

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